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With the app you can do your driver training anywhere.

Getting a driver licence training on top of everything else to do, is not always easy. Therefore, it is important to be able to make use the time in the best way.

It is important to have access to education and materials no matter where you are or what the time is.
"Allt i ett" in Körkort nu med Elevcentralen can always be used as long as you have access to your mobil, tablet or computer together with a connection to the internet. Download the app via the App Store or Google Play.

Learn in different ways

Perhaps you will learn best if you listen to when someone explains to you or you prefer to read it yourself. Regardless of which, there is probably a way for you in "Körkort nu med Elevcentralen". For example, you can choose to listen to the theory or read it yourself. Or you can sit back on the sofa or on the bus to watch movies describing different theoretical moments. You can also use the interactive exercises where you get feedback regardless of whether you answer right or wrong. When you want to test your knowledge, you can do it through quick test, costum tests and final tests to see how much you learned. You also get access to over 90 extra movies in Durgés "Trafikskolans tips"

The traffic intructor Guides

Although it is easy to work with the material yourself, it is with the help of your professional traffic teacher that your education will be the best. In "Körkort nu med Elevcentralen" you desribe to your teacher how you work best and when you want your driving license. Based om this knowledge, the teatcher can guide you through the theory and practice of the education in the best way. The teacher gives you a plan for your education - what to do and when, and what it will cost. Throughout your education, the teacher can follow you and your progress and ensure that the plan is kept.

In "Körkort nu med Elevcentralen" theory and practice are closely linked. This means, for example, that the teacher can describe what you need to do or reflect on before the next lesson. When you have booked the lesson in the system, a request will be made to you on how to prepare. After the lesson, the teacher describes how it went and can also clarify the reasoning with its own pictures. Teachers can also attach where you have been during a lesson, information will be send from a GPS installed in the car.

Play and discuss with others

Teachers and supervisors in all honor but maybe some problems better to discuss with others in the same situation. In "Körkort nu med Elevcentralen" you can ask questions in the digital forum. You can also callenge other students in the game Driving License Fight. In the Driving License Fight you get five questions at a time, then it is your friend´s turn. You choose yourself in which areas you want to play and the best part in that the questions are serious and the game is therefore a good preperation to pass the knowledge test at the Swedish Transport Administration.