Introductory course in Gothenburg

Vi erbjuder handlederutbildning på Engelska i Göteborg





If you will be practising driving privately you and your intended supervisor must have attended an introductory course.

The introduction course has three parts:
-the aims, content and regulations for driver education
-how to plan and structure driver education
-important traffic safety and environmental factors

The supervisor has the overall responsibility and is viewed as the driver whilst you practise.

The supervisor must be 24 years old, hold a driving license with Category B, issued in an EU country, and must have held it for an uninterrupted period of minimum of five years over the last ten years.
The supervisor must also be familiar with the vehicle being used and be able to drive it well and have completed an introduction course.

The supervisor must submit their application to the Swedish Transport Agency. The approval is valid for five years and only for a specific learner driver. Apply here.

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